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| 19th Mar 2008 |      


Excellent program! Just one question:
Can I install the program and have an exe. icon
to start the program from the desktop? If I
accidentally close the program, instead of minimizing it, I can't find where it is stored on my computer, to again restart it, and I have to download it from your website, all over again.
Thank you
1.If you do download DesktopOK press the button (Save) not (Open). See screenshot!

2.Then it should work

Thank you for your quick response.
Appreciate the help.
All fixed!!

Fully integrate qdir into windows,
I would love to see the ability to fully integrate qdir into windows, so instead of using windows explorer it opens qdir

Is there a way for the views in
It's a fantastic application, just wish it could display the live file/folder status, ie: When a file/folder gets renamed/deleted, file size increases, etc. just like Windows Explorer does.

Add shortcut exe and dir also
Since you add a Quicklink (really useful) I dont see the reason to conserve the favorite

If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."
If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."

I was wondering if you had plans to add and ftp client into it?
I was wondering if you had plans to add and ftp client into it?

Q-Dir takes a long time to delete a file.
No matter what size the file is, Q-Dir takes about 20~30 seconds to delete a file.

The view as a default?
Is there a way to set the view as a default? I always want Q-DIR to start with the view setting of "list".

Normally, to get the last modified text file I would filter out other types, then arrange by date.


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