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| 26th Mar 2008 |      


Dear Sir`s,
If u please Send for me in this Email group of Fonts that i can make it active in Micro Soft Office all equipments , in Extract WinZip.
Please Accept My Best Regards.
Hooo Hoooo Hoooo Hoooo Hoooo Hoooo Hoooo ;)

The version number is in title bar
Put version number in the About Button please. Cannot tell if you have released new version from that which I have on my system now.

Is there an option to turn on auto refresh.
Example when you create a new directory it automatically shows the new dir, instead of having to refresh.

The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer.
The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer.

I enjoy the favorites feature, but
I would like to see it either effect all panes or just a single pane. Similar effect of the Tree-View (One 4 All, All have one). Ultimately I would love to see this replace windows explorer.

Running a cmd script
Opening a cmd box in that dir by pushing the lightning button, typing in the name of the script and pressing enter, it does what I should do. This happens to all my .cmd scripts, not only one. They also work when started by double clicking them in a normal explorer window. Maybe the workpath isn't correct?

Restore my position of icon while I reinstall window xp.
It happened when I try to restore them and I found that no history data when I ran the Desktop OK after I installed a new window application.

I tried to save desktop icons, but when I click to restore them after an update,
They were all went to the left side of the screen. Is there any compatibility problem or something?

Why the options "Classic Address-bar" and "Modern Address Bar (Like Vista)"
Are disabled in the Extras - Address-Bar menu ?


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