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| 16th Apr 2008 |      


Put version number in the About Button please. Cannot tell if you have released new version from that which I have on my system now.
The version number is in title bar ?;).

Sorting out my photos they never remain
Excellent software, I use it all the time. I have one gripe and that is that when sorting out my photos they never remain in the place I put them.

"Program too big to fit in memory"
"Program too big to fit in memory"

Hi, thank you
For a wonderful product

Ich kann das nicht auf Deutsch erklaeren, also muss ich alles auf Englisch schreiben.
The mouse is a Logitech VX Revolution; I have tried to alter the settings of the mouse with the software that came with it (I added Q-Dir to the list of programs that the buttons are used for) but that did not work, either.

Just tried it today and find it very easy to sue.
But could you tell me if there is a way to display the menus in English please? Bearbeiten, etc.?

And make my laptop hanging
When i've tried to open a folder/file.so today i will uninstall the software coz it's very annoying me, thanks for the q-dir help before.

Does it not ;( ??
Awesome program, but could use the ability to drag-n-drop files onto each other (such as a document onto an application)

I would like Tree view to be active when I open Q-Dir.
Is there a way to do this. If not it would be nice to do in some program update.


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