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| 20th Apr 2008 |      


I do not know if it can be possible, but I use two apps one called Direct Folder and the other called Handy Folder. Unfortunately for me though they do not work with Q-Dir. I would love to see it work with these but beggars can not be choosers.
Is this bug, only in this Folder ?

I've been using Salamander 1.42 for a long time
One feature that I was not able to locate is the possibility to have the program start always with the same directories in the panels. In my case for example I need C:\ and M:\ (a network drive) to be there every time I start QDir.

However the default bold font is killing my eyes!
I can't use the app for more than 10 minutes before it feels as though my eyes are going to bleed. I can't seem to find any areas to change or adjust the font. is there no option for that? Thank you!

In the windows explorer I can drag such an item -holding
Could you add an auto update feature, or "new version notification" or e-maillist with announcements regarding new versions?

Can you use it with other fonts that are there are there in the computer.
3. Can you use Inter net explorer and mozzarella fire fox 3, Out look Express , and MS out look with QDr3.251 ( if you install It ) 4. Cna you use this program with out istalling It

And make my laptop hanging
When i've tried to open a folder/file.so today i will uninstall the software coz it's very annoying me, thanks for the q-dir help before.

I use teracopy allot for copying / moving
I would love to see a good implementation of this feature.

Adding a built-in wav/mp3 player
Would you please think about adding a built-in wav/mp3 player , like Eufony Lite? Thank you for your consideration!

I have finished my translation how do you want me to send it to you, or is there a way to include it on the program?
So I decided to translate to Italian, but it seems that on the menu View only the first two items get translate to Italian and the rest stays in English.


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