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| 25th Apr 2008 |      


I really like to colored-extensions capability of Q-Dir, I've been looking for something like that in an Explorer program. I would like it even more if I could specify background as well as foreground color. At a minimum, it would be excellent if I could just specify a default background color that was used by all files.

For most programs, I *have* to use a light background in order for them to work properly. However, for a color directory listing, I'd much rather have a BLACK background, because more different colors are visible against black. Please consider this for a future version.
I will watch it and might integrate! Will try in the next version to integrate.

How to choose font for file list items
How to only show visible Desktop icons in a file list of the Desktop folder (not show Internet Explorer, Computer, Network, Control Panel, etc.)

Selection in the right-click context menu
Am I missing how that, or some similar Feature, operates in Q-Dir, please? Perhaps you have a Toolbar-located "New Folder(s)" Button? If not, please consider including such a Feature in a forthcoming Update, ok?

The view as a default?
Is there a way to set the view as a default? I always want Q-DIR to start with the view setting of "list".

However the default bold font is killing my eyes!
I can't use the app for more than 10 minutes before it feels as though my eyes are going to bleed. I can't seem to find any areas to change or adjust the font. is there no option for that? Thank you!

This great minimalistic explorer alternative.
I love that it's so lightweight and doesn't have all those unnecessary features.

If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."
If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."

I will in one of the next versions implement Translation Tool 4 Q-Dir.
I discovered Q-dir some months ago and i've begun to use it few weekes ago. It's really a very great software, you make very good job!

Use hotkey to switch active panel.
Besides, when press this hotkey first time, user can edit the address bar; when press this hotkey second time, the drop down menu appears.


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