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| 13th Apr 2008 |      


Wonderful little Explorer alternative. Great functionality. Thanks!

Would love to see the preview pane support other file formats like .pdf, .doc, .txt, etc.

Thanks again for this program.
Remove the filter Options
>menu>Extras>more options
Preview Filter (*.bmp;*.gif;*.ico;*.jpeg;*.jpg;*.png;)
Then will "Q-Dir" show you more previews .
For the future . I will do some more!

Color filter do not works good.
Only strike-out is true. bold or not did not worked, italic works reverse. And a suggestion: ini file must be in same folder for portable use. Why in Windows folder?

All the folders and registry settings appear to be the same
As in my vista laptop which is ver. 3.15 and does work correctly, remembering tree view and my last place in the directory.

There was a "Check for Updates" feature
There was a "Check for Updates" feature

I can't use the Q-dir. How can I extend the usage. Do I have to pay?
I can't use the Q-dir. How can I extend the usage. Do I have to pay?

Very nice.thank you for freeware.
One problem.I see nothing for "Preview".did I miss something?

Specifically let the user chose what they want on the toolbar.
The favorites is a great option. If it could also save the pane settings (widths, sortorder etc) that would be great.

Utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column
My suggestion is to include a utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column as a quick way to identify where the HD space has been taken.

Is it too much of a problem to put a search function in the windows?
If it already exists I am sorry for mentioning it but I haven't seen it yet. I am using the latest version of QDir.


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