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Thanks for frequent updates. Q-dir got faster and faster. However I have a wish that could be important for many others.

We need "folders stay on top" option. That becomes a problem if one uses non standard sorting like based on date. I think that if someone sorts based on creation date folders should sort within themselves and files should sort independently. It should be a n option thou some other people may prefer current state.

Thanks for the tip.

Filter Auto Update (Live Update).
I have a suggestion to make the Q-Dir Filter Auto Update (Live Update). With this feature , while the user is typing a Filter Keyword the directory will show the Live Update. The user do not have to press the F5 or Enter button to Filter the Directory.

I was just looking at " NexusFile ", and its ability to appear "dark" was VERY appealing.
May I ask, humbly, that you consider "improving" it, by incorporating Skins? Or, merely a choice of background colors?

I cannot delete that folder. If I open a file in a folder
In both cases, I have found that Q-Dir still is holding open the file (via a file handle). Even if I exit out of Q-Dir (File -> Exit), the file is still held by Q-Dir. This led me to find that Q-Dir is still listed in the Task Manager as a running process. I then have to END TASK on Q-Dir manually to terminate it in order to release the file handles.

At one point I got it to show the "Folder Size" column
How did I get these options on one computer but not the other computer .…it looks like the one on your page.

Just each screen being a bit to lot too small to 'COMFORTABLY' access.
Before abandoning Q-DIR I changed to total window and the layout within it. .The result is I am still trying to learn and adapt to your program. = point #1. the width of the window and total screen is limited and of most importance.

How do I use quicklinks to folders? I can't see how to set this up.
Is there a way to have q-dir always start with the predefined folders in the four panes (i.e. whenever I open it, I want to say one pane with mydocs, one with folder a, one woth b, and one with c).

The CTRL+F shortcut
Anyway, forget this, F3 is nice too.

Can you add, in the favorite qdr file the style of view for each windows.
For images folder favorite I need to view Thumbnails and for only explorer file I need to view details. When I switch between these favorite, all view must be like the save of qdr file.


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