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| 30th May 2008 |      


Wonderful program. I have a collection of Explorer substitutes and this one is the best by far. Reminds me of an old, old program QFiler - I think it might have even been DOS based. It was the best and I've found nothing like it since until I found Q-Dir

M.... N...
L......, PA USA
Thanks! ;)

I am glad to
Use Q-Dir, Thank you.

Also I really like the great ability to customize the file-system syntax colors.
Improved and working "Preview Pane." What if I could set an entire quad to be a preview? Have you ever used built-in viewer inside of Total Commander or FreeCommander (FreeCommander, I think, embeds the AtViewer program)? Your viewer doesn't work on txt, htm, tif, wmf, tga; but it does display pdf, jpg, bmp, png. At least add the .txt to the Preview. And it does pdfs very quickly! Good job!

Colourize active window to make it more obvious.
Great file manager, I have used many others but like yours best.

If not, are there any plans to incorporate a search function
If not, are there any plans to incorporate a search function

The program no longer remembers to open with tree view enabled,
Or the last view in the directory. I tried to uninstall this version and to revert back to 3.15, but the same problem now exists for that one also.

How do I make QDir default File Manager
How do I make QDir default File Manager

When you put a mouse cursor over the program icon, there is no label available.
Moreover, Help does not describe how to use the program. It just lists Keyboard shortcuts. Here is a revised Help file, which lists unlabeled icons.

Could you put Folder Size in the Column?
So, showing Folder Size inside Q-Dir maybe a great idea then.


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