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| 16th May 2008 |      


I would like to have the current directory shown on the title bar. I use Q-Dir in single-directory mode, and I open multiple copies in order to do drag-and-drop stuff (sorry, I'm not crazy about the side-by-side-directory programs, I'd rather be able to move the directories around). However, I can't look at the taskbar to tell which copy is on which directory. That would be a nice option to have...
Thanks! Thanks for the tip. Ok I will add this!

I think you are going the right way with Q-Dir but there is always room for improvements.
-refresh button -red color for delete icon -shortcuts for quick view and quick edit configurable for external programs -copy and move shortcuts from active to inactive panel (horizontal or vertical)

Add shortcut exe and dir also
Since you add a Quicklink (really useful) I dont see the reason to conserve the favorite

Can you place a Search button to search with in the file you are in for a document?
I have gone through all areas and the only one i found was in Edit and select search but that opens a new window to search the file you want. I like your product because it cuts down on items open on my task bar.

Can the Q_Dir fonts be changed to something less thick
Can the Q_Dir fonts be changed to something less thick

Startup folders for each quadrant selectable via the options menu.
Startup folders for each quadrant selectable via the options menu.

The program no longer remembers to open with tree view enabled,
Or the last view in the directory. I tried to uninstall this version and to revert back to 3.15, but the same problem now exists for that one also.

Progress dialog pops up but then the operation is already finished.
QDir is cool program but recently when I upgraded to Vista (64-bit) there is something wrong with the QDir behaviour. Mainly my consern is about lenghty file operations like copying plenty of files. Basically QDir freezes during the copy operation and no progress dialog is visible to cancel operation.

Was working fine until I tried copying large disk images files.
I was copying 3 x 4.4GB files from one disk partition to another (located on two hard drives), and each time copying starts normally with the progress bar, then it would freeze 1/3 way. I have to shut down the program, and the copied files were corrupt.


Quick-Link's :Folder-ShortcutsVista address barFTP directoryforce move or copy
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