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| 1th Jun 2008 |      


Thank you so much for this wonderful program!
There are some things that keep me from completely switch from Free Commander, like:
-quick launchpad button for external programs (some sort of quick launch)
-refresh button
-red color for delete icon
-shortcuts for quick view and quick edit configurable for external programs
-copy and move shortcuts from active to inactive panel (horizontal or vertical)
-support for browsing archives (zip, rar, 7zip)
-another method for send to tray (the current one does not work correctly - does not free the memory like minimize to taskbar does)
-option to not auto-expand the tree when browsing inside the panel
-button for quick compare folders
-button for fast switching between panels
-make new file button
-button for viewing the folders sizes
-quick search in current folder
I think you are going the right way with Q-Dir but there is always room for improvements.
Thank you!
Thank you!

I can not seem to figure out how I can use telnet from inside the Colorconsole.
I can not seem to figure out how I can use telnet from inside the Colorconsole.

I find myself using PreView pane very often.
The way I see this happen is anytime the mouse pointer is over pre-view pane, the pointer would be center of one inch "magnifying glass" of document. This would allow me to quickly check document revision detailed on first page.

Explorer as a power user would design it.
Solid extension without niche enhancements.

There was a "Check for Updates" feature
There was a "Check for Updates" feature

System Info from SiSoftware Sandra:
Thank you for any comments and suggestions.! Be it in the next version correct !

Task manager no longer activated with Alt.Control.Del.
It took some time to uninstall & remove,it closed down the system and it had to be accessed with another WinXP operating system.

I would like to use it in Linux
Using Wine and on a Mac using Darwine. It seems to work perfectly except for one problem. The text in the selection buttons at the top for toggle, 3 dir, etc. is not visible. All other text including drop downs and baloons is good.

About the auto-focus bit when mouse hovers other listview which I mentioned before.
This results from my explorer being set to web mode (single click runs program, hover selects) It is therefor not so a bug in Q-Dir. Apologies if I made this impression/mistake.


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