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| 9th Jun 2008 |      


Is there a way to choose the details you want shown for the files in the windows, like there is with Windows explorer? I am sorting and combining two huge bookmark lists and wanted to show date created and date modified before size and type in the columns. Windows Explorer lets you do this in it's view options but I didn't see anyplace in q-dir to do this.

If there is a way to do this, please let me know. If no such way exists, that would be a really great thing to include next time, since when sorting photo files to edit for size so i can use them, I compare size and dimensions before date or other criteria.

In the Options window, click the General tab. Click here "...Auto: like MS-Explorer"
I hope this is it ;)

There could be a key to make the "zoom window" stop following the cursor.
What is being shown inside the zoom window would still be updated when the mouse moves, only the window itself would be still.

In the windows explorer I can drag such an item -holding
Could you add an auto update feature, or "new version notification" or e-maillist with announcements regarding new versions?

So i could be a portable version it could great
Desktopok is really a great and useful freeware but why don't let the program save the *.ini (desktopok.ini) in the same folder of the program

Customizable toolbars
Compare/Synchronize folders feature - Disk space useage info for USB Flash drives (Currently only gives info on standard HDs)

Great program for windows vista home premium
Great program for windows vista home premium

Always asks me do I trust this program
I need a little help. This is actually a Vista question. I created a shortcut on my desktop to e:\Program Files\Q-Dir\Q-Dir.exe to start the program. The problem is that it always asks me do I trust this program to run and I have to click ALLOW button. How do I stop this?

Can you kindly direct me to the "preview" button to view different file types etc.?

Can we have support for 7zip files.
I cannot use it as a default file explorer as i cannot make it default. I also find it a little slow because of i think 4 windows opened at a time, it takes time to open the tree so there is a need to may be do something to improve speed. Its color can also be toned down to match windows colors (or may be option to change colors).


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