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| 15th Jun 2008 |      


I would just like to say that you have created a great application! It is very functional and exactly what I was looking for in an explorer program. The only suggestion I have at this time is true 64-bit support . For example, I noticed that when I display the contents of system directories such as C:\WINDOWS\system32 in Q-Dir, I get different folders displayed that if I open the directory in Windows Explorer. It would be nice to have the folders display the same so I would never have to use Windows Explorer at all.I am running Windows XP Pro x64 service pack 2 with IE7.0. Thanks again for an EXCELLENT application!
I work mainly in 32-bit!
Be in the neighbor versions more tests for x64!

It does what it says and never stopped or crashed in may pc
To perfection it just need a multi-level-tree view. That would be very similar to what we find in Macs. That would give me the ability to go on and on, down to the last folder in any given parent folder.

I tried to save desktop icons, but when I click to restore them after an update,
They were all went to the left side of the screen. Is there any compatibility problem or something?


Just downloaded it tonight, so I've only played with it a bit and I like it very much.
Just downloaded it tonight, so I've only played with it a bit and I like it very much.

The mousewheel doesn't scroll
Whichever pane it's hovering could you add that maybe to the next version

Due to this you are not visually sure that the action has been really performed.
I am starting using Q-Dir and I have noticed that, when you make some changes (movement, delete) to a file, the action is effectively done but the file still appears in its original position and not in the new one unless you exit and re-enter its directory.

From extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all
I'm writing now because, also on version 3.33, if I open the program and from extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all , after closing, re-opening the program that setting is lost.

I am aware there is no floating/docking
Suppose I have 4-dir mode in quadrants and I end up in bottom-left pane in a folder that I rather would have top-left next to the listview in top-right.


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