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| 1th Jun 2008 |      



I was looking for a software which proposes several tabs for DOS console, like firefox for Web.

And I found your software which is exactly what I want to develop my professional software.

I tried a little bit and something's wrong with ColorConsole. There is no auto-completion for directories, files and commands. We can't use this software without that. Do U have an idea when these functionalities will be implemented ?

Thanks for your job and I will recommand your software when I will use it.


Last commands with DOWN or CTRL+Context-Menu. (in last Line).
I will add more in next version.

Change the background for each folder
Can you please allow me to change the background for each folder through the View menu.

Hi, thank you
For a wonderful product

Desktopok in a batch
Is there a way to use desktopok in a batch file to restore a desktop named "xxx" for instancw?

Also I really like the great ability to customize the file-system syntax colors.
Improved and working "Preview Pane." What if I could set an entire quad to be a preview? Have you ever used built-in viewer inside of Total Commander or FreeCommander (FreeCommander, I think, embeds the AtViewer program)? Your viewer doesn't work on txt, htm, tif, wmf, tga; but it does display pdf, jpg, bmp, png. At least add the .txt to the Preview. And it does pdfs very quickly! Good job!

The menu bar displayed after I changed the Appearance|Menu settings
The menu bar displayed after I changed the Appearance|Menu settings

Great program for windows vista home premium
Great program for windows vista home premium

Datetime stamps are not displaying in the 'Date Taken' column.
This makes selecting the latest version of a file much more difficult.

The directory size
How do I enable the "Optional display of the directory size and directory content in the status bar"?


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