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| 17th Jun 2008 |      


OneLoupe 1.01 / Windows XP Pro / SP2 / IE7.0

OneLoupe only works on one monitor. Moving the loupe to the second monitor results in the window not drawing to itself.

Such an excellent program! Thank you!
Thanks for the tip.

Very nice.thank you for freeware.
One problem.I see nothing for "Preview".did I miss something?

A way to make the font during editing
Is there a way to make the font during editing the name of a file or folder bold, so that it does not get smaller and harder to see.

The ability to change the background color of the entire program?
Second, a bug: Q-Dir doesn't always show the creation of a new folder in the folder treeview. I've noticed this especially when I'm extracting a compressed file to a new folder: the folder is created and visible in the listview, but doesn't show up in the treeview, even after pressing F5. The only way I can get the new folder to show up in the treeview is by restarting Q-Dir.

The association of the F-keys to some features of the program
Such as in other like-explorers as Free Commander and Total Commander or Xplorer2. For example: to create a new dir, is only necessary to press F7 and so on. As a most-of-the-time keyboard user, I testify: this is very helpful.

Here helps FontViewOK
He creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts. The deployment is so simple, a help file is not required. "

Create a directory and subdirectory on the USB drive.
Open two of Q-Dir window panes for this drive: one for the root folder and one for the subdirectory. Copy a few large files (700MB to 1GB each) to the root directory of the USB drive.

Vista 64 compatable
If not, if I ran it from a Thumb drive would that work, do you know??

Can do a double-click or press F2
To rename the time does not include the extension? So I think it is quite convenient. Thank you to provide such a good software!


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