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Hi !

Ich habe gerade Q-Dir gefunden und finde es echt spitze. 2 Panels sind mir nicht genug.

Jetzt zu meinem Vorschlag/Wunsch: Was ich noch toll fände wäre eine zeile mit persistenten tabs komplett obendrüber die solche 4er sets von Verzeichnissen umschalten lassen. Evtl. könnte man das auch durch eine buttonzeile lösen die gespeicherte favorites öffnet, wobei diese solche Dinge wie die scrollposition der Dateilisten nicht mitspeichern, was bei öfterem umschalten zu mehrmaligem rumscrollen führen könnte.

Werde versuchen, es in die Folgeversion zu integrieren.

Q-Dir takes a long time to delete a file.
No matter what size the file is, Q-Dir takes about 20~30 seconds to delete a file.

I'd like the ability to change the fonts
I'd like the ability to fast switch the views

The CTRL+F shortcut
Anyway, forget this, F3 is nice too.

Hello and thank you very much for your job!
So, I noticed your Favorite system. It seems each Favorite does remember ALL the folders I kept open when adding it.

I was wondering if you have a secure way for me to make a donation
for your work on these utilities that you have posted as freeware. They are great programs for free and there is not many things in this world for free anymore.

At one point I got it to show the "Folder Size" column
How did I get these options on one computer but not the other computer .…it looks like the one on your page.

Hello from PC Professionale magazine,
If this is OK for you, please let us know if we can use the downloadable version available on your Web site.

I've been puzzling the last two days how this Multi-INI feature is supposed to work.
I would like to save a configuration which starts in specific folders when I launch Q-Dir with this configuration.


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