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| 20th Jun 2008 |      



Your program is amazing - I was wondering if you had plans to add and ftp client into it?

It is only the MS internal FTP
but enough to look at it:

Later, a effective FTP client in Q-Dir;

Couple addresses for testing:

One looks ike a Monitor icon, and the other looks something like a palette.
Making the help file more complete. One addition would be a description of all of the items that make up a window, or pane. This would include descriptions of all of the buttons and user-interface selections. It would also have complete descriptions of all of the features. Custom synchronization is one feature that is crying out for explanation of what options are available and what each does.

When the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory
I may have missed this but it would be nice to have an option that when the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory that the display returns to the point in the list of the sub-directory with it highlighted instead of too the beginning of the directory list

I usually include flash drives in my file management routines
I've been looking for this program for a long time. I usually organize lots of files from one drive to another.

A way to make the font during editing
Is there a way to make the font during editing the name of a file or folder bold, so that it does not get smaller and harder to see.

Due to this you are not visually sure that the action has been really performed.
I am starting using Q-Dir and I have noticed that, when you make some changes (movement, delete) to a file, the action is effectively done but the file still appears in its original position and not in the new one unless you exit and re-enter its directory.

Mpusegbestures wie beim Firefox wären vielleicht hilfreich
Mpusegbestures wie beim Firefox wären vielleicht hilfreich

This is a good project.
Could you provide the English version?

The mediaplayer instance you make when previewing media files,
Why do I need to tell Q-Dir the file is a media file and not an image? (It does not auto-switch the previewer)


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