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| 25th Jun 2008 |      


I think your program is very good even though I have used it for only 1 day. It is rich in features. Thank you for taking the time to make it.

But sometimes I do not want 4 screens. I may want only 1. I may want 2. Could you please build in an option so that I can select 1,2 or 4 panels to display?

Perhaps I will send you a thank-you reward after 30 days if I still find your program as good as I do today.

My regards from Canada.
[F3] windows search ;) !
Later more

And the Portable installation?
Microsoft automatic updates downloaded a conflict that crashed Q-Dir, or 2) Microsoft Windows Search 4.0 was downloaded and installed. Q-Dir quit working after one of these events.

Would like to translate for my language
Would like to translate for my language

I would like to use it in Linux
Using Wine and on a Mac using Darwine. It seems to work perfectly except for one problem. The text in the selection buttons at the top for toggle, 3 dir, etc. is not visible. All other text including drop downs and baloons is good.

Utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column
My suggestion is to include a utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column as a quick way to identify where the HD space has been taken.

Where the panes meet will be a small square that you click on.
It would be great if the center of the three panes of more could be maneuverable across the whole screen. In effect you have a central point to adjust the sizes of the viewing panes. I hope I have explained it ok.

There was a "Check for Updates" feature
There was a "Check for Updates" feature

Another global hotkey to activate the Q-Dir window
May I suggest some improvements though: -configurable keyboard shortcuts. xplorer2 has some great default ones, including ctrl-k to go to your "my documents" folder, as well as ctrl-backspace to go to "Desktop".

Add a private search file function, based on a native dir function (quick)
Allow unlock of your "Dir" form (like usercontrol, for treeview & listview)


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