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| 4th Jun 2008 |      


Settings not sticky in Vista. When qdir reopend last setting not used, error before openign (cannot open a specific config file). However once opened, I can open the rejected file and settings are OK. Also, some common context prompts are not honored by qdir, dragging and dropping seems buggy.

Still use and like program however.

on Vista 32 or 64?

This great tool that makes my life better every day!
Q-Dir 3.16 is not able to open nor create shortcuts pointing to folders. OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

When you change the file names a few times, you can't drag/drop any files any more.
When you change the file names a few times, you can't drag/drop any files any more.

The best font viewing software out there.
I have been using all sort of font related soft but this one is the best. Very user friendly, simple, well-arranged and functional. I am very very pleased with it.

Hi, thank you
For a wonderful product

How do I use quicklinks to folders? I can't see how to set this up.
Is there a way to have q-dir always start with the predefined folders in the four panes (i.e. whenever I open it, I want to say one pane with mydocs, one with folder a, one woth b, and one with c).

I have look on line done several searches but
I would like to change the default Windows Logo+E, to open q-Dir. And to have all programs that open Explore now open yoru excellent software. Can you help?

I've made the french translation of Q-Dir and i'll
Want to know if i can put it on line on my site http://ww.,,,,,,-,,,,,,,.com or if i send it to impliment it in your program

Creation of a new folder directly in a file/folder
List and inputting its name there, then pressing ENTER to confirm: the ENTER key does not work.


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