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| 1th July 2008 |      


Hello, I have been using Q-Dir for a couple of months and I really like it!! I especially like the ability to change file listing colours depending on extension.
May I suggest:
(1)The ability to link individual folder listing colours to a file extension colour.
(2)The ability to change listing text size.
(3)The ability to change file listing icons.
I am using:
Q-Dir 3.07,Windows XP MCE/SP2,IE 6.0.2900
I gave up using all things Microsoft a year ago. Replacing Windows Explorer with Q-Dir was the last change I had to make - THANKS!

For all files in Folder one Color!??
Please use the system settings_
Freeware / Folder Marker 1.4

Specifically let the user chose what they want on the toolbar.
The favorites is a great option. If it could also save the pane settings (widths, sortorder etc) that would be great.

Not even asking if you want to continue with the other files.
I use often its multiple windows to delete all files in 2-3 "temp" folders, that not only waste space, but are also a problem for multiple installations (if the first hasn't go well).

Dear author,
I found a small bug: Extras->Title-Bar->"Show the Path" and "Show the Name" don't work.

Would like to translate for my language
Would like to translate for my language

Create a directory and subdirectory on the USB drive.
Open two of Q-Dir window panes for this drive: one for the root folder and one for the subdirectory. Copy a few large files (700MB to 1GB each) to the root directory of the USB drive.

I find myself using PreView pane very often.
The way I see this happen is anytime the mouse pointer is over pre-view pane, the pointer would be center of one inch "magnifying glass" of document. This would allow me to quickly check document revision detailed on first page.

To have a tab for quick links to favorites (similar to Firefox).
Also, to be able to set keyboard shortcuts for specific favorites folders (similar to xplorer2).

I am so happy to find out a new version of Q-Dir today. :) Thanks for your great work!
I have an idea for Q-Dir. I used to use FindeXer from http://tomseffect.com/ frequently before switching to Q-Dir. And I still miss some of the features in FindeXer like able to quickly navigate to my favorite folders. Is there any way to incorporate the FindeXer panel into Q-Dir? Or even implement its features into Q-Dir?


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