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| 16th July 2008 |      


This is a great program. Kudos to you. Believe it or not I'm still using the old Windows 3.x File Manager and have tested many file manager apps (Explorer, Powerdesk, 2xExplorer, FileCmdr and a few others) and may finally be able to switch thanks to you. I'm still getting used to it, but it has a lot of nice features.

Here are a few suggestions:
Allow for more options.
Specifically let the user chose what they want on the toolbar.
I would like to have buttons for mapped drives so that I can click on a drive and change the active pane to display it. Similar to File Manager. I don't need to see some of the current buttons, so an option to display what a user would want to see would be great. Any valid command should be able to be placed on the toolbar.
The favorites is a great option. If it could also save the pane settings (widths, sortorder etc) that would be great.
Also an option to show file sizes in GB\MB\KB and bytes would be nice. Even keep if it was just on the bottom on a selected file that would be good.

Thank you
Thank you
I will do my best!

Immediately minimises itself down to the taskbar. Very annoying behaviour.
Can you tell me how I can transfer all my Q-Dir (3.17)settings to the latest version which I've just downloaded.

The best font viewing software out there.
I have been using all sort of font related soft but this one is the best. Very user friendly, simple, well-arranged and functional. I am very very pleased with it.

Windows vista 32
Please use the Q-Dir 3.33

Desktopok in a batch
Is there a way to use desktopok in a batch file to restore a desktop named "xxx" for instancw?

I can arrange my data in four split windows once.
I can arrange my data in four split windows once.

Anyway, thanks for your very good tool.
Anyway, thanks for your very good tool.

Sort of like relative path versus absolute path.
I use Q-Dir portable on different computers. On one computer the USB drive is F, on another it is E.

Both do not update zoom on secondary monitor
It stops repainting at the edge of the primary monitor, making for a nice effect in the zoom window :)


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