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| 28th July 2008 |      


Hi There,

Great software. In the English version there is a spelling mistake. If you click on "I-net Info" the word "nead" should be "need."

Thank you,
Thank you!

All the folders and registry settings appear to be the same
As in my vista laptop which is ver. 3.15 and does work correctly, remembering tree view and my last place in the directory.

Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites'
Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites' to mouse, right-click context menu. This would make your program perfect!

After opening 7 folders in explorer, it tends to crash after awhile.
I'm running xp pro, with a modified sp3. when i fully install sp3, my system freezes for about 20 seconds for no apparent reason. i use IE 6

I can not find my pictures that are on print photo wizard.
I want to view and delete some of them where would i find them I looked in my pictures folder/file and none are there?

A way to make the font during editing
Is there a way to make the font during editing the name of a file or folder bold, so that it does not get smaller and harder to see.

Not even asking if you want to continue with the other files.
I use often its multiple windows to delete all files in 2-3 "temp" folders, that not only waste space, but are also a problem for multiple installations (if the first hasn't go well).

A window will open up and ask me if I want to copy, appened,
I drag and drop files from one place to another, a window will open up and ask me if I want to copy, appened, only older files, etc. Then, I get a window that shows the progress of the copying. However, with the vesrion on my wife's computer I don't get any of that. What I get is the standard windwos based displays instead. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

In Windows XP and in Vista deleting a shortcut should NOT delete
Yesterday he could not access his Pictures folder that contained several subfolders using Q-Dir or using Windows Explorer. When he deleted a shortcut (link) to Pictures folder which was in his Documents folder using Q-Dir, the following were deleted:


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