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| 29th July 2008 |      


Is there a way for the views in Q-Dir to refresh the live files and folders that its viewing without reprogramming/recompiling the application? Hope to hear from you soon. BTW: It's a fantastic application, just wish it could display the live file/folder status, ie: When a file/folder gets renamed/deleted, file size increases, etc... just like Windows Explorer does.
I know the problem (refresh & run as admin).

It is because the Windows XP no full-fledged server.
It sells itself as a!

In W2000/2003/Vista it works!

When I execute Q-Dir 3.251, Microsoft Windows gives me a Security Warning.
Notes in the dialog indicate there is no valid digital signature verifying your company. Will there be a new software release to fix this problem?

I would like to use it in Linux
Using Wine and on a Mac using Darwine. It seems to work perfectly except for one problem. The text in the selection buttons at the top for toggle, 3 dir, etc. is not visible. All other text including drop downs and baloons is good.

Maybe a button for searching(instead of having to press f3) would help?
Might want to remove the maginifing glass button, and replace it with a search button.

Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites'
Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites' to mouse, right-click context menu. This would make your program perfect!

When the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory
I may have missed this but it would be nice to have an option that when the click to return to the parent directory from a sub-directory that the display returns to the point in the list of the sub-directory with it highlighted instead of too the beginning of the directory list

Instance already opened and set a view to a path.
Something like q-dir "C:\Temp" /1 This would set the view 1 of Q-Dir to path "C:\Temp" without starting another Q-Dir instance.

An option to pass the current path view in a window to another window,
This way would make faster to work with windows in nearby paths. I was thinking in some kind of button in each window (near the quick-folder menu) that once click displays the other windows options to go. The programm is so great, really, thanks a lot. The only thing that I don't understand is the last option to set a theme.

Is it possible to set more than 4 windows with your program?
I need a tool to distribute emails into 6-10 explorer folders - so I would love to have 6-10 windows for dropping the emails directly into the appropriate folder.


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