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| 29th July 2008 |      


Is there an option to turn on auto refresh. example when you create a new directory it automatically shows the new dir, instead of having to refresh.
great program
If so;)! In the tree or list view?

I know the problem (refresh & run as admin).

It is because the Windows XP no full-fledged server.
It sells itself as a!

In W2000/2003/Vista it works!
I try to eliminate!

"Program too big to fit in memory"
"Program too big to fit in memory"

Datetime stamps are not displaying in the 'Date Taken' column.
This makes selecting the latest version of a file much more difficult.

Align Filenames in 2 Directory Windows for file comparison.
Different views of this comparison 1: Same Filenames in both Directories 2: Different Names in both Directories 3: Identical Files (Names, Dates, Size, .) 4: Identical Filenames but different (Dates, Size, .)

When you put a mouse cursor over the program icon, there is no label available.
Moreover, Help does not describe how to use the program. It just lists Keyboard shortcuts. Here is a revised Help file, which lists unlabeled icons.

Can you place a Search button to search with in the file you are in for a document?
I have gone through all areas and the only one i found was in Edit and select search but that opens a new window to search the file you want. I like your product because it cuts down on items open on my task bar.

Colourize active window to make it more obvious.
Great file manager, I have used many others but like yours best.

I think Font Viewer is a great program exactly what I was looking
for except would it be possible to add the ability to remove fonts from view to narrow your choices to few for comparison? This feature was in another program I replaced with yours.

Always start in detail mode,
I can't save view mode, Q-Dir always start in detail mode, but i usually list mode, how to fix it? thank you very much.


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