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| 6th July 2008 |      


just tryed your Q-Dir program.... Very nice...thank you for freeware...
One problem...I see nothing for "Preview"...did I miss something?


You mean thumbnails for Win98!?
Thumbnails works from w2000/XP/ME

Thumbnails support XYplorer's unique and famous Mouse Down Blow Up functionality."
I mentioned earlier about a preview pane for each dir view instead of a single one via the One for all tree view. What would also be good instead is when mousing over an image,

I cannot delete that folder. If I open a file in a folder
In both cases, I have found that Q-Dir still is holding open the file (via a file handle). Even if I exit out of Q-Dir (File -> Exit), the file is still held by Q-Dir. This led me to find that Q-Dir is still listed in the Task Manager as a running process. I then have to END TASK on Q-Dir manually to terminate it in order to release the file handles.

It saved me hour of free time to restore icons manually.
Can you make option for DesktopOK runs with windows start (it is already done), make auto save of icons, keep shot history, and then just quit after making auto save. It will be very useful for people, who need everyday saving of icons positions, but restores them rarely.

Qdir not releasing process on exit.
Qdir not releasing process on exit.

If not, are there any plans to incorporate a search function
If not, are there any plans to incorporate a search function

I can arrange my data in four split windows once.
I can arrange my data in four split windows once.

It happens often while I copy from the network to the local computer.
Then when I right click on a local folder Q-Dir disappears. OS : Windows XP Pro SP 2 En US. IE 6.0.2900.2180.

Can you add button which open DOS prompt with the current directory.
I'm developper and I need to open DOS prompt when I am in a specefic directory.


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