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| 9th July 2008 |      


May I translate the UI Language to Chinese?
Program ?

Only softs that I use I post then
PLease, do you have a PAD.xml of Q-Dir?

I don't like external file manager apps
Q-Dir does not show the correct icons, it shows the default icons set and not the correct one.

It takes time to see which folder has the largest size.
May I suggest that the program should also show the folder size on the SIZE column. This way, I can see all folders with their sizes and arrange them so that I know which folder are occupying much space and delete some files to increase disk space.

How do I make Q-Dir my default Explorer?
When I attach a drive I want to open Q-Dir from the menu rather than Windows Explorer.

There was a "Check for Updates" feature
There was a "Check for Updates" feature

Ran into a little bug when using the filter feature
Other letters seem to work ok. I was thinking also that this feature might be faster (which is why you're using a filter) if files were displayed as you type the filter. Just a thought :)

I press F4 key, a drop-list dropped, press UP key or DOWN key to the path
I want, then press ENTER key, but path I selected not displayed, a early path still there----this is my question.

Q-Dir is great, so thanks.
I've tried the feature on the Extras menu, Tree View, All have one, but all it seems to do is the tree view disappears. I expected it to divide and have a separate tree view for each list view, but that's not what happened. Am I misunderstanding the feature perhaps? Or is it not working as intended?


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