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| 8th Aug 2008 |      


When I execute Q-Dir 3.251, Microsoft Windows gives me a Security Warning. The message is indicating that the publisher of the software could not be found. Notes in the dialog indicate there is no valid digital signature verifying your company. Will there be a new software release to fix this problem?
Is in FAQ:

I have look on line done several searches but
I would like to change the default Windows Logo+E, to open q-Dir. And to have all programs that open Explore now open yoru excellent software. Can you help?

No question, just a comment
But having 4 panes is surprisingly helpful - thanks very much

Is there a way to save Filter?
I want to see certain files ALL THE TIME - different filter on different drive. The filter feature in Q-Dir doesn't save.

How to install new version ?
Just overwrite the older version or uninstall older version ?

Adding a built-in wav/mp3 player
Would you please think about adding a built-in wav/mp3 player , like Eufony Lite? Thank you for your consideration!

I think MAC has a good explorer!
Is Softwareok.com working on anything like QDir for Macs?

How do I display of the directory size and directory content
I want to see selected files total size at footer bar near the objects count. If you add for new versions, it will be helpfull for many user.

PowerDesk is slow to sort, I use QDir for fast searches etc. VERY nice and very fast.
A nice feature that could be added to QDir would be the ability to add a note attached to any file listed.


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