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| 8th Aug 2008 |      


"Program too big to fit in memory" when trying to start Q-Dir 3.251 in XP Pro SP3 (Commit Charge: 2041M/2440M). IE7/Maxthon 2.1.2.
Will try in the next version to integrate.

The mousewheel doesn't scroll
Whichever pane it's hovering could you add that maybe to the next version

I am unable to remove a folder from the favorite list.
I accidentally added my WINDOWS folder as the favorite and now i have way too many windows to even make favorites useful. Thank you for your great software. May I donate I would like to Paypal a donation to you.

It seems to be working now. Thank you.
The tree-view should refresh when folders are delected in the list-view.

It takes time to see which folder has the largest size.
May I suggest that the program should also show the folder size on the SIZE column. This way, I can see all folders with their sizes and arrange them so that I know which folder are occupying much space and delete some files to increase disk space.

Explorer as a power user would design it.
Solid extension without niche enhancements.

Is it possible maximize window that has focus? Maybe with a double-click or?
Is it possible maximize window that has focus? Maybe with a double-click or?

Which would be coloured when active and greyed out when inactive
I was thinking maybe we could have a single address bar for all three panes, but each pane should have a title bar, like an independent window, and this title bar was to be highlighted.

How can I change the font used in the program?
Is it possible to disable bolded text when a directory/file is selected?


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