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| 8th Aug 2008 |      


When I try to set this as my default for opening Folders and File Folders I get this error.

File read error.
C:\Documents and Settings\rjaquay\My Documents\TJG

That is the correct path and it always worked fine before. I am using XP SP2.

Thank you,
Thank you,
And other Folders ?

I just sent an issue but I forgot the versions.

IE 7.0
Q-Dir 3.251

On step back easily to original Win XP MS explorer
On step back easily to original Win XP MS explorer

Windows vista 32
Please use the Q-Dir 3.33

Most importantly, thanks for your generosity in providing clever and valuable programs for such a great price, i.e., free!
I have no idea what the different menu selections mean and end up at the Suffolk web site no matter what search engine I add as the default. So please don't forget your promise about a better help system!

No question, just a comment
But having 4 panes is surprisingly helpful - thanks very much

I will in one of the next versions implement Translation Tool 4 Q-Dir.
I discovered Q-dir some months ago and i've begun to use it few weekes ago. It's really a very great software, you make very good job!

Very powerful. Keep it up.
Thanx a billion for Q-Dir. Makes stupid M$_Vista a lot more bearable.

To History please use Right-Click on GO-BACK-/FORWARD or UP To copy full path I will add!
Secondly, is a history function so you can see where you have been. I find that I work in the same folders a lot, so this function would be extremely useful. Thirdly is the ability for a right-click, or menu item, that will copy a files full path, directory path, or file name. I need this functionality all the time for work and it would be extremely useful. Thank you for reading my comments, and for an excellent explorer program. I hope you consider my suggestions for future versions. Thank you.

Q-Dir is not showing Overlay-icons for Source control tools
by example TortoisCVS and TortoiseSVN. Is there a way (or option that I didn't find yet) to have these overlays shown, and still use the color enhancements Q-Dir shows by default?


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