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| 10th Aug 2008 |      


1. Q-Dir Is it free down load ?
2. What does WARNING :Once Q-Dir, always Q-Dir ;)! means

3. Can you use Inter net explorer and mozzarella fire fox 3, Out look Express , and MS out look with QDr3.251 ( if you install It )
4. Cna you use this program with out istalling It
5. Can you use it with other fonts that are there are there in the computer.


TO2> Joke
Q-Dir currently used system fonts.
Font (italics / bold / strikeout) and color can be defined.

Here helps FontViewOK
He creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts. The deployment is so simple, a help file is not required. "

P.s have you done any page turning software for pdf files?
I do like your Q-Dir program, I will find it very useful. Will you be doing any skins for it at all?

For implementation I have a little suggestion. Click 'Date Modified' tab followed by 'Type' tab to arrange according to type (primary) and date (secondary). The last tab clicked becomes the primary condition,

From extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all
I'm writing now because, also on version 3.33, if I open the program and from extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all , after closing, re-opening the program that setting is lost.

Every time anyone would re-install the OS
Save the preferences in a file? Like that, every time anyone would re-install the OS , it won't be worth configuring the software each time !


Change default view to "List" not "Detail".
Add more essential optional tools at main menu bar (File, Edit, etc). Perfecting it like on FreeCommander (freecommander.com) - add FTP function also.

I have both WinRar and WinZip installed on my computer.
While using Q-Dir, when I click on any .rar file, WinRar opens itself inside WinRar; However, when I click on .zip file, the zip folder opens itself inside Q-Dir instead of WinZip.


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