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| 12th Aug 2008 |      


1. Installed OS: XP Home SP2.
3. IE7

Hello!! Great program. But...why is there no "New..." selection in the right-click context menu , from within a Folder's Directory Window? It's a particularly helpful item for creating New Folders, regardless of View!

Am I missing how that, or some similar Feature, operates in Q-Dir, please? Perhaps you have a Toolbar-located "New Folder(s)" Button? If not, please consider including such a Feature in a forthcoming Update, ok?

Thanks for your continued interest in Q-Dir. A bit..."slow", sometimes, but...really useful, when its needed!
OK! Thanks for your interest!

The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer.
The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer.

Another global hotkey to activate the Q-Dir window
May I suggest some improvements though: -configurable keyboard shortcuts. xplorer2 has some great default ones, including ctrl-k to go to your "my documents" folder, as well as ctrl-backspace to go to "Desktop".

An option to pass the current path view in a window to another window,
This way would make faster to work with windows in nearby paths. I was thinking in some kind of button in each window (near the quick-folder menu) that once click displays the other windows options to go. The programm is so great, really, thanks a lot. The only thing that I don't understand is the last option to set a theme.

For people that work with file sequences, we usually see:
It would be great to have an option to collapse them (based on extension would be even better) so they look like:

To see Q-Dir acting more like Total Commander
Instead of complicated dragging, ready-made buttons for COPY< MOVE, etc. Until then, it is less practical and comfortable to use than TC.

Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites'
Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites' to mouse, right-click context menu. This would make your program perfect!

In the principal window (top, left), there are no problem
When I use the buttons "back" and "next", but whith the other windows, these buttons are not working oftenly.

We could save our favorite FTP sites (our Web sites for instance) in Q-Dir and manage them directly.
I have a suggestion. It would be great if a panel could be a FTP session, so we could transfer files from and to the other panels very easily, just as we do with local files/folders/drives.


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