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| 5th Aug 2008 |      

HELLO - VERY FINE programming. Straight to assumption I have about YOUR design re: individual user. || After much effort at getting the basic layout USEFUL... i.e., not what I thought I wanted but really what I can achieve (what works practically...) I came to a screen layout of primary HD on the L. and a C. and R. column. !!!- and this is where I had made previous poor choices. My screen is a LCD 17" 4:3 ratio. STOP! A first or very early choice to the new user should be in you determining the screen size and RATIO! Then if the new user answers his screen dimension (diagonal) and very importantly the W:H ratio and and and what he expects to having the Q-dir window initially to be,.. like 75% of the total screen width you can 'point' in the following set up choices what you KNOW will be a more useful/attractive layout. || It took me many days screwing around with Q-DIR to
before I gave it up that a strong dissatisfaction was with my 4 equal screen layout. Just each screen being a bit to lot too small to 'COMFORTABLY' access.
Before abandoning Q-DIR I changed to total window and the layout within it. ..The result is I am still trying to learn and adapt to your program. === point #1. the width of the window and total screen is limited and of most importance. 2. Any display of information that is displayed left to right should be programmed with utmost attention to wasted l-r space. ELEMENTS as in size column ending 182 KB where shortening to 182k saves 2 spaces. Using FILE FOLDER when just FOLDER gets the same information conveyed +++ when the column is shorted it is FOLD.. not as it is now, "FILE.." In general review any such definitions that when compressed don't really convey correctly. On the date column starting with a full numeric year 2008-07-12 can be replaced with 08-07-12 -- IF you use a distinct and different color for the YY "08" characters. 8^) olfoo WINXP Sp2 IE7
Thanks for the tips. I will do my best

I suppose to down load everything seperatlry on ur site?
I suppose to down load everything seperatlry on ur site?

I do have a couple of suggestions though.
I could go on and on with suggestions but I feel that the ones above are really important to take this program just over the edge into "must have" territory.

I'd love to have an export-tree function.
This would work the same as the existing export function, but also go into all subdirectories.

Hidden is spelled with two d's
You have hiden, should be hidden Wonderful program. Thanks.

Not even asking if you want to continue with the other files.
I use often its multiple windows to delete all files in 2-3 "temp" folders, that not only waste space, but are also a problem for multiple installations (if the first hasn't go well).

Change the date & time of files.
One suggestion I'd make is adding the ability to change the date & time of files.

How does one disable the sounds in Q-Dir?
Menu>Extras>List-View>Click-Navigation Sound!

To correct the window of the quick link because it is not possible to order the links
In every window superior tongues for an express access to the wanted directory.Dragging a directory in the bar of the tongues is had to open the same directory (of the type cards navigation Firefox. Or of the type TotalCommander ). Is possible to personalize the bar of the tongues so that to the closing remains you memorize. All of this makes the immediate navigation (to see Total Commander to understand the philosophy)


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