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| 12th Aug 2008 |      

Hi Again,

I was wondering if you have a secure way for me to make a donation for your work on these utilities that you have posted as freeware. They are great programs for free and there is not many things in this world for free anymore.


Thank you ;) !

Mpusegbestures wie beim Firefox wären vielleicht hilfreich
Mpusegbestures wie beim Firefox wären vielleicht hilfreich

Is there quick way to restore the original windows size
After the user changes the size of several windows, without starting a new instance of the program

How does one disable the sounds in Q-Dir?
Menu>Extras>List-View>Click-Navigation Sound!

Configurable buttons to run commands on a selected folder or file(s).
Display the free space of the drive when the drive is clicked in the tree view.

I can not find my pictures that are on print photo wizard.
I want to view and delete some of them where would i find them I looked in my pictures folder/file and none are there?

Hidden is spelled with two d's
You have hiden, should be hidden Wonderful program. Thanks.

I their a version without the virus/adware

Drag&drop files(or folders) dos't work from network driver to local
Q-Dir 3.59 Windows - XP-Pro / SP2 / IE6.0 I open Q-Dir in 2-Dir mode(Tile Vertically),in the left Dir i open a network driver(\\\share\aa),then i open C driver(local computer) in the right Dir,when i drag some files or folders from the left Dir(network driver) to right Dir(local) the Q-Dir dos't work.


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