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| 12th Aug 2008 |      

Dear Nenad Hrg,

I have sent you a $5.00 US Dollars donation. It's not much but I feel like I need to support freeware programming in some way. If everyone were to donate $5.00 then you would be getting the money due to you for the freeware that you post here at www.softwareOK.com .
Thank you ;) !

I was just looking at " NexusFile ", and its ability to appear "dark" was VERY appealing.
May I ask, humbly, that you consider "improving" it, by incorporating Skins? Or, merely a choice of background colors?

It happens often while I copy from the network to the local computer.
Then when I right click on a local folder Q-Dir disappears. OS : Windows XP Pro SP 2 En US. IE 6.0.2900.2180.

Use hotkey to switch active panel.
Besides, when press this hotkey first time, user can edit the address bar; when press this hotkey second time, the drop down menu appears.

Click a subfolder to move up the hierarchy
Please add breadcrumbing to the address bar like Windows Vista,

"A device attached to the system is not functioning."
I unpacked it with PeaZip 2.0 (another time I unpacked it with 7-Zip 4.57); both times successfully.

Some icons show hints wrong,
E.g. CTRL + X = copy ??

Change the current way preview works.
Change the current way preview works.

Is it possible to execute a batch or a script with the file selected in argument ?
I want to put a command line in execute function like (copy a file in a folder where my windows is) CopyPRMVBS=%windir%cmd.exe /c "copy C:\prm\prm.vbs ." Is that possible ?


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