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| 13th Aug 2008 |      


Why does Q dir want to open Omnipage 15 when I right click on a jpeg file?? How do I stop it?

All jpeg files?

I think maybe something like copy/move hotkeys (like F5 ar F6 in other file managers)
Fast switching between panels - Ctrl+Alt+1 [.,2,3,4] between folders and Ctrl+Alt+5 [.6,7,8] between folder trees. If folder tree view is "one 4 all", then Ctrl+Alt+0 would be switch to that main tree view.

I press F4 key, a drop-list dropped, press UP key or DOWN key to the path
I want, then press ENTER key, but path I selected not displayed, a early path still there----this is my question.

The only way to switch to another application is press ALT-Tab repeatedly, which is very inconvenient.
Is there any way to configure Q-DIR so that it is NOT always-on-top, like all other applications? There should be a new user configuration option: "Q-Dir is always on top".

Is there quick way to restore the original windows size
After the user changes the size of several windows, without starting a new instance of the program

Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites'
Add 'Quick Links' or 'Favorites' to mouse, right-click context menu. This would make your program perfect!

I do have a couple of suggestions though.
I could go on and on with suggestions but I feel that the ones above are really important to take this program just over the edge into "must have" territory.

The folder tree any other folders open
A picture showing and explaining is at the address below.

The ?Copy & Paste(Function)? seem has the same problem in Q-Dir.
I think this bug has been a long time and still not eliminate it. When I use Q-Dir for a period, the ?DRAG(Function)? will not act any more in the Q-Dir.


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