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| 15th Aug 2008 |      


The default font should be the same as the system font for Windows Explorer. The current font makes the panels appear "cluttered", and there is no option to change it.
Yes, of course!
MENU >> Extras >> List-View >> Use Collor Filter

Please read also!

Hi, thank you
For a wonderful product

Align Filenames in 2 Directory Windows for file comparison.
Different views of this comparison 1: Same Filenames in both Directories 2: Different Names in both Directories 3: Identical Files (Names, Dates, Size, .) 4: Identical Filenames but different (Dates, Size, .)

How do I display of the directory size and directory content
I want to see selected files total size at footer bar near the objects count. If you add for new versions, it will be helpfull for many user.

This works well on Win-XP. On the Win-2000 SP4 there are problems.
The program does not work. You can korrekt it? Thank you for the excellent program!

Screen Magnifier does not work on Monitor 2. It does works on Monitor 1
Extras/Q-Dir always/now:to the left edge and now:to the right edge do not work correctly when Q-Dir is on Monitor 2. It swaps to Monitor 1 and fits to Monitor 1 edge

How to install new version ?
Just overwrite the older version or uninstall older version ?

Hi. Small suggestion for a great software:
What about being able to access "My Network Places" as a folder as in Windows Explorer? Regards,

Search the first folder when I have no select.
When I change the directory to "C:\Program Files" with Q-Dir ,then I click the blank area(in order to let the Q-Dir don't select any folder), and i click the key CTRL+F the search window appears,but the search path is not the "C:\Program Files" but the "C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications".I know I can use F3 ,but I feel it is unreasonable that the Q-Dir search the first folder when I have no select. I hope you can give consideration.


Quick-Link's :Folder-ShortcutsVista address barFTP directoryforce move or copy
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