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| 16th Aug 2008 |      


i have gone to the FAQ but alas no help. This is my second attempt to contact you., What i want to do is make your program the default explorer. That is when I open a program I want it to use your software. and I want to change the WINLOGOKEY to your program. Can you help?

c,,,, from Mexico
I'm looking for the solution!

When you change the file names a few times, you can't drag/drop any files any more.
When you change the file names a few times, you can't drag/drop any files any more.

Sort of like relative path versus absolute path.
I use Q-Dir portable on different computers. On one computer the USB drive is F, on another it is E.

To History please use Right-Click on GO-BACK-/FORWARD or UP To copy full path I will add!
Secondly, is a history function so you can see where you have been. I find that I work in the same folders a lot, so this function would be extremely useful. Thirdly is the ability for a right-click, or menu item, that will copy a files full path, directory path, or file name. I need this functionality all the time for work and it would be extremely useful. Thank you for reading my comments, and for an excellent explorer program. I hope you consider my suggestions for future versions. Thank you.

Align Filenames in 2 Directory Windows for file comparison.
Different views of this comparison 1: Same Filenames in both Directories 2: Different Names in both Directories 3: Identical Files (Names, Dates, Size, .) 4: Identical Filenames but different (Dates, Size, .)

Some icons show hints wrong,
E.g. CTRL + X = copy ??

No question, just a comment
But having 4 panes is surprisingly helpful - thanks very much

The screen magnifier does not work on multi monitor desktop.
It works on the primary monitor but not on the secondary.

Save view for each folder independently
Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively. Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive.


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