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| 18th Aug 2008 |      


Is there a search function in Q dir? If not, are there any plans to incorporate a search function ?
Currently "Q-Dir" used the Windows Search!
Search :[F3] and [Alt + F3] selected item.

Ran into a little bug when using the filter feature
Other letters seem to work ok. I was thinking also that this feature might be faster (which is why you're using a filter) if files were displayed as you type the filter. Just a thought :)

I'd love to have an export-tree function.
This would work the same as the existing export function, but also go into all subdirectories.

I can see you use Explorer shell, so I don't know what are your limitations in this basic frame.
But I terrible need bigger fonts for files and directories (eyes problems), and I am used to have middle size icons in "Details" view. Your implementation of Quick-Link is great, but as you know, tab using for favorites is also extremely useful.

I started to use your Qdir from today and I think can't work without it from now!
Thank you for doing that!

Dear author,
I found a small bug: Extras->Title-Bar->"Show the Path" and "Show the Name" don't work.

I am unable to remove a folder from the favorite list.
I accidentally added my WINDOWS folder as the favorite and now i have way too many windows to even make favorites useful. Thank you for your great software. May I donate I would like to Paypal a donation to you.

Copy paste files (or dirs) via drag and drop
From one panel to another does not work. There is no error but nothing gets copied or moved.

Can you save view for each folder independently
So every time I open "downloads" its automatically sorted by date but when I go to another folder such as program files its automatically sorted by name? Explorer saves view options for each folder but almost no substitute program seems to do it effectively. Would also be nice to have it replace / integrate explorer automatically for any time I click on a drive. Thanks. Nice little program otherwise.


Quick-Link's :Restore icon positions x64Print directoryTablets for your CMD.exe
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