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| 6th Aug 2008 |      


I love this program, but when I upgraded from 3.15 to 3.25, I first uninstalled 3.15, with revo uninstaller and used a reg cleaner (eusing, because I was uninstalling several other programs also)
The program no longer remembers to open with tree view enabled, or the last view in the directory. I tried to uninstall this version and to revert back to 3.15, but the same problem now exists for that one also.
Thanks for your help - any ideas?

Mi..... P.....

Please read 1 this :
Q-Dir opens 4 times my computer, last setting is lost? <7a>

How can I start with a favorite setting?

I hope this will help you !

Task manager no longer activated with Alt.Control.Del.
It took some time to uninstall & remove,it closed down the system and it had to be accessed with another WinXP operating system.

Ftp Connection in one of the 4 windows, with favorite ftp connections.
Ftp Connection in one of the 4 windows, with favorite ftp connections.

Why the options "Classic Address-bar" and "Modern Address Bar (Like Vista)"
Are disabled in the Extras - Address-Bar menu ?

Dear author,
I found a small bug: Extras->Title-Bar->"Show the Path" and "Show the Name" don't work.

How do I make Q-Dir my default Explorer?
When I attach a drive I want to open Q-Dir from the menu rather than Windows Explorer.

Search within connected NETWORKS and the INTERNET?
Would you be able to add that feature as well as for allowing to search within connected NETWORKS and the INTERNET?

Can I somehow disable the click sound when opening a drive/folder?
I cannot seem to find an option to disable it. You have created a great program, thank you.

I am using Q-dir as default file manager(Setting "*Q-Dir" as default action for file folders).
I prefer to use "listview" for folders and "1-dir". When I choose "starting as" -> "use last view", then it is okay. But when I choose "starting as" -> "1-Dir", then when I double-click on a folder to open, it starts with "detailed view". Is there a way to make q-dir start with "list view", without using a desktop shortcut(xxx.qdr)?


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