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| 29th Aug 2008 |      


It is a great tool that help a lot in my work and life. I can arrange my data in four split windows once. Thanks for the authors, I love you!

I tried to save desktop icons, but when I click to restore them after an update,
They were all went to the left side of the screen. Is there any compatibility problem or something?

Is it too much of a problem to put a search function in the windows?
If it already exists I am sorry for mentioning it but I haven't seen it yet. I am using the latest version of QDir.

In the principal window (top, left), there are no problem
When I use the buttons "back" and "next", but whith the other windows, these buttons are not working oftenly.

Why the options Classic Address-bar and Modern Address Bar
Why the options Classic Address-bar and Modern Address Bar (Like Vista) are disabled in the Extras - Address-Bar menu ?

I am unable to remove a folder from the favorite list.
I accidentally added my WINDOWS folder as the favorite and now i have way too many windows to even make favorites useful. Thank you for your great software. May I donate I would like to Paypal a donation to you.

For people that work with file sequences, we usually see:
It would be great to have an option to collapse them (based on extension would be even better) so they look like:

As a 'portable' application on several pen drives
(flash memory datasticks). Even with USB2 and a fast drive, transfer is naturally quite slow compared to a hard drive. My suggestion is this: when dragging a folder onto a previous copy of itself, could there be an option for files only to be replaced by a file of the same name when it has a a newer date? This would often speed up the operation. (For instance, I often work on several documents on a desktop PC, then I am in a hurry to leave and want to carry away a copy of the whole Documents folder) Thank you, J,,,, C,,,

Will provide a pop-up menu(like classic style)
I suggest that Q-DIR will provide a pop-up menu(like classic style) when I right click the address-bar's edit path area.Then I can copy the current dir path.


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