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| 29th Aug 2008 |      


Very trivial error or anomaly: when I right-click on a file when using Q-Dir, I notice a greyed-out entry
";Q-Dir" at the bottom of the context menu.

Does no harm, but why is it there ?

QDir v3.28 / Windows XP Pro / SP2 / MSIE 6.0.2900

PS. Thanks for Q-Dir - an excellent file manager !


Tom Marriott
this is just a placeholder for future functions

I am having problems on one of my machines with drag and drop in Q-dir.
I am having problems on one of my machines with drag and drop in Q-dir.

Most importantly, thanks for your generosity in providing clever and valuable programs for such a great price, i.e., free!
I have no idea what the different menu selections mean and end up at the Suffolk web site no matter what search engine I add as the default. So please don't forget your promise about a better help system!

Could you put Folder Size in the Column?
So, showing Folder Size inside Q-Dir maybe a great idea then.

Is there a way to save Filter?
I want to see certain files ALL THE TIME - different filter on different drive. The filter feature in Q-Dir doesn't save.

Change background and row highlighting colors in both the folder treeview and the listview.
When I extract the contents of a zipped file into a new folder (which is created by the compression program), Q-Dir sees the new folder in the listview, but not the treeview. The only way I can get the new folder to show up in the treeview is to restart Q-Dir. I have tried 7-Zip and TugZip , and the same thing happens with both.

Allow to export the directory shown
Option should also include how many subdirectory levels will be printed.

I have no idea what I did wrong, but suddenly it worked as
I expected it would and like I was hoping it would, I now have preferred layout and folder locations in separate shortcuts.

Cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS
Updated to Q-Dir v3.67 from v3.51. Note that v3.67 cannot access folders on my QNAP NAS . v3.51 had no problem to do this. So I have reverted back to v3.51. You may want to investigate this networking issue.


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