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| 30th Aug 2008 |      


When you change the file names a few times, you can't drag/drop any files any more.
So I quickly locate the error and fix it,
I ask for the following information:

1. Installed OS: Win98/2000/ME/XP/2003
2. Servicepak on your operating
3. Installed Internet Explorer

Naturally, the program name and version

For example:
Q-Dir 2.99 Windows - XP-Pro / SP2 / IE7.0

The association of the F-keys to some features of the program
Such as in other like-explorers as Free Commander and Total Commander or Xplorer2. For example: to create a new dir, is only necessary to press F7 and so on. As a most-of-the-time keyboard user, I testify: this is very helpful.

Your site is unusable because ads are blocking it.
I cannot even see what I am typing becuase large blocks of ads are obscuring the view.No matter what browser is used, IE or FF the ads make the site unusable.

Built-in Loupe
(Alt-L) does not want to remember last configured size

It seems to be working now. Thank you.
The tree-view should refresh when folders are delected in the list-view.

From extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all
I'm writing now because, also on version 3.33, if I open the program and from extras menu I choose Tree-view/One 4 all , after closing, re-opening the program that setting is lost.

This is a good project.
Could you provide the English version?

The mediaplayer instance you make when previewing media files,
Why do I need to tell Q-Dir the file is a media file and not an image? (It does not auto-switch the previewer)

I cannot manage to drag and drop
One question: I cannot manage to drag and drop between the differtent windows of Q-dir, like in the ordinairy explorer of windows.


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