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| 30th Aug 2008 |      


Nice little app so far. Ran into a little bug when using the filter feature ... it wouldn't let me enter the letter t. Other letters seem to work ok. I was thinking also that this feature might be faster (which is why you're using a filter) if files were displayed as you type the filter. Just a thought :)
I will correct!

Oops... forgot. Win XP Home w/sp3 & IE7 installed.

Hello and thank you very much for your job!
So, I noticed your Favorite system. It seems each Favorite does remember ALL the folders I kept open when adding it.

I've found the exact description for this functionality (seen on fireftp) : Keep directories in sync while navigating
Hello, I'm recently using QDir, and searched for a synchronize browsing functionnality : when checked, going in /test/ folder in a visible panel will go on /test/ folder in all others visibles panels if they exists.

Option to turn off auto-focus in listview when mouse hovers over window.
Otherwise when moving mouse out of the way, hotkeys act on wrong pane.

Not displayed, still directories and files of drive C:
Press UP key or DOWN key to select drive C:, then press ENTER key, all directories and files of drive C: displayed, now press DOWN key to select drive D: and press ENTER key

Windows vista 32
Please use the Q-Dir 3.33

Info Menu show something
When i disable start help view, and restart Meinplatz, the Info Menu show something of Q-Dir.

Now, on the version 3.45, we can display multiple explorer panels
In the form of tiles in the main window, but it would be nice to be able to have several explorer panels organized in tabs. So we could have one instance of Q-Dir in the task bar, and different full-framed explorer panels in several tabs.

If I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0,
I know it is possible to have this feature in Windows Explorer if I install Adobe Acrobat 7.0, but that program is very slow uses a lot of resources.


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