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| 7th Aug 2008 |      



ich kann das nicht auf Deutsch erklaeren, also muss ich alles auf Englisch schreiben.

I have a wireless mouse which has Forward/Backward buttons for easier/quicker internet site and Windows Explorer searching. The buttons do not seem to work in Q-Dir, although they work in standard Windows Explorer. Does the option exist in Q-Dir so that I can use my forward/back mouse buttons? If not, will it become an option in future versions of Q-Dir?

Thank you for any comments and suggestions.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen,

F.......p L.
Which producer/model (type) ?

The mouse is a Logitech VX Revolution; I have tried to alter the settings of the mouse with the software that came with it (I added Q-Dir to the list of programs that the buttons are used for) but that did not work, either.

Here Q-Dir.exe (ANSI) and Q-Dir_UC.exe (UNICODE)!
Please test!
Thank you

Variations of both foreground and background colors on text
Also the availability of Explorer's Alt commands (ALT-F-W) to create new documents is something I use frequently.

It takes time to see which folder has the largest size.
May I suggest that the program should also show the folder size on the SIZE column. This way, I can see all folders with their sizes and arrange them so that I know which folder are occupying much space and delete some files to increase disk space.

I think Font Viewer is a great program exactly what
I was looking for except would it be possible to add the ability to remove fonts from view to narrow your choices to few for comparison? This feature was in another program I replaced with yours.

I do have a couple of suggestions though.
I could go on and on with suggestions but I feel that the ones above are really important to take this program just over the edge into "must have" territory.

Instance already opened and set a view to a path.
Something like q-dir "C:\Temp" /1 This would set the view 1 of Q-Dir to path "C:\Temp" without starting another Q-Dir instance.

Every time anyone would re-install the OS
Save the preferences in a file? Like that, every time anyone would re-install the OS , it won't be worth configuring the software each time !

The only way to switch to another application is press ALT-Tab repeatedly, which is very inconvenient.
Is there any way to configure Q-DIR so that it is NOT always-on-top, like all other applications? There should be a new user configuration option: "Q-Dir is always on top".

I haven't found a way yet to connect to remote FTP-servers from within Q-Dir.
I'm using your Q-Dir and I'm super happy with it. An interesting addition to me would be to incorporate the possibility to connect to FTP-sites within Q-Dir.


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