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| 10th Sep 2008 |      


Hello and thank you very much for your job!
I'm using Q-Dir since few days after using X2 for years, and I simply love it because finally I can have more than TWO folders open at the same moment.

So, I noticed your Favorite system. It seems each Favorite does remember ALL the folders I kept open when adding it.

But, I think it is better to have the possibility to add a SINGLE folder as favorite, to be applied to the Window who has got focus. Please try X2 to understand what I mean.

M..... de S.....
from Milan, Italy
Thanks for the tip.
Where is the difference between favorites and Quick links?

Not even asking if you want to continue with the other files.
I use often its multiple windows to delete all files in 2-3 "temp" folders, that not only waste space, but are also a problem for multiple installations (if the first hasn't go well).

I have some suggestions to make Q-Dir better.
In addition, it would be better if the "Show hidden files & folders" option can be toggled quickly with a hot key. I usually prefer not to see the hidden folders, but sometimes it is necessary to access them quickly and temporally. It is painful to bring up the option dialog and check it on and off every time. Actually there are some other file managers supporting that feature, and it is very convenient!

Like "Desktop" & "Computer" Tool-Bar button ?
In the panel's icon bar - a button with a drop-down list with enumerated names of computers in the local network.

An option to pass the current path view in a window to another window,
This way would make faster to work with windows in nearby paths. I was thinking in some kind of button in each window (near the quick-folder menu) that once click displays the other windows options to go. The programm is so great, really, thanks a lot. The only thing that I don't understand is the last option to set a theme.

Configurable buttons to run commands on a selected folder or file(s).
Display the free space of the drive when the drive is clicked in the tree view.

Maybe a button for searching(instead of having to press f3) would help?
Might want to remove the maginifing glass button, and replace it with a search button.

Definitely much better than MS-Explorer
My suggestions is on the rebar or the addres bar, to have the "cookie crumbs" feature, for example, having the full path be clickable, so one can click on any part of the path and go directly there.

I do not find thumbnail icon
And method prescribed by you to open jpg files do not work. If I click the jpg photo, the windows picture manager and so opens. I am I doing something wrong?


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