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| 3th Sep 2008 |      


To make Q-Dir truly portable, please test for .ini file in program folder when launched and if found store all settings there instead of the registry. Otherwise Q-Dir is only partly portable. Q-Dir is great otherwise! Thanks.
Please start the "Q-Dir_Installer"
and click on Install Portable!

A way to make the font during editing
Is there a way to make the font during editing the name of a file or folder bold, so that it does not get smaller and harder to see.

I have a previous version (3.2??) on my computer and when I drag and drop files
However, with the vesrion on my wife's computer I don't get any of that. What I get is the standard windwos based displays instead. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

I their a version without the virus/adware

Your site is unusable because ads are blocking it.
I cannot even see what I am typing becuase large blocks of ads are obscuring the view.No matter what browser is used, IE or FF the ads make the site unusable.

P.s have you done any page turning software for pdf files?
I do like your Q-Dir program, I will find it very useful. Will you be doing any skins for it at all?

Configurable buttons to run commands on a selected folder or file(s).
Display the free space of the drive when the drive is clicked in the tree view.

Is it possible to open programs in the quadrants?
I would like to be able to open a web browser in one and text editor in the others to allow students to gather web info easily.

I had this bug in the precedant version. When I enable the automatic startup
I had this bug in the precedant version. When I enable the automatic startup


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