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| 23th Sep 2008 |      


I want to configure Q-Dir to drag-drop works as copy-paste not cut-paste. Is it possible ?
[Ctrl] + L Mouse for ever copy
[SHIFT] + L-mouse forever move

I will in one of the next versions implement Translation Tool 4 Q-Dir.
I discovered Q-dir some months ago and i've begun to use it few weekes ago. It's really a very great software, you make very good job!

I had screen divided into 3 logical sections.
What happened was that the 2 files (out of 3) I was copying got deleted but the directory I wanted deleted remained. The file that was actually in process of copying could not be deleted because the system said it was in use so I only lost two files.

I've been puzzling the last two days how this Multi-INI feature is supposed to work.
I would like to save a configuration which starts in specific folders when I launch Q-Dir with this configuration.

BUT I have problems with the renaming function.
I lost a lot of files and folders because of this problem an for some of them, Inever was able to find them again. I have been hearing of several persons with the same problem.

Align Filenames in 2 Directory Windows for file comparison.
Different views of this comparison 1: Same Filenames in both Directories 2: Different Names in both Directories 3: Identical Files (Names, Dates, Size, .) 4: Identical Filenames but different (Dates, Size, .)

Right click context items seem to have gone missing.
Several right click context items seem to have gone missing. e.g cut, delete copy.not there when I right click a file name.

I doubt others less determined than I am would have bothered.
You need to explain several features. If you would follow up on this and I will write you again telling you which settings most need some explanation.

The window is out of the desktop
The window is out of the desktop


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