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| 4th Sep 2008 |      


Vista business, 32bit, SP1, installed IE, mostly used Firefox

Error: after double or more click for "UP" function icon program stops runing and must be restart.
I will check!

I'd like the ability to change the fonts
I'd like the ability to fast switch the views

You have color filter enabled (checked) under default
When I opened the newest version 3.431, this happens (screenshot). Then go to extras - list view - uncheck color filter and everything is OK. Default setting should be with color filter OFF and not ON.

Change the current way preview works.
Change the current way preview works.

I've found the exact description for this functionality (seen on fireftp) : Keep directories in sync while navigating
Hello, I'm recently using QDir, and searched for a synchronize browsing functionnality : when checked, going in /test/ folder in a visible panel will go on /test/ folder in all others visibles panels if they exists.

I wanted just the folder in the favourites list, not it's contents.
In both cases, there doesn't seem to be a way to remove those entries, so now the program has become useless to me. I have faves and quicklinks that don't do what I want them to, and no way to remove them, except to remove the program, which is what I am going to do now.

Click a subfolder to move up the hierarchy
Please add breadcrumbing to the address bar like Windows Vista,

Your program is one of two from eight which WORK properly for me.
I wonder if you would consider adding it to the context menu as the sys tray is easily cluttered and easily deleted.

Just before closing
I tried to save a current situation with set at desktop item (*.qdr file). I would expect that from this item Q-dir wil open de maps as whey were active during the save. But testing it by saving a qdr-file, and then move to other maps in Q-dir, then close Q-dir, and reopen it by double-click on the just-saved Qdr-file on the desktop, Q-dir opens the last-used map, just before closing , and not the maps which were opened during the save of the qdr-file.


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