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| 4th Sep 2008 |      


context items don't seem to work when dragging an item (with the right mouse button).

I noticed this when I tried to extract a .rar file from window 1 in Q-dir to window 2.

For example: rarfilename.rar is in c:\temp, I'd like to extract it to d:\applications\rarfilename\*. D:\applications does exist, the subdir "rarfilename" does not (yet).

In the windows explorer I can drag such an item -holding the right mouse button- to d:\appications, thus getting the context menu "extract files", "extract files here" and "extract to d:\applications\rarfilename". When I try this in Q-dir nothing happens.

I'm running Win XP Pro SP3; IE 7.0

Another request: could you add an auto update feature, or "new version notification" or e-maillist with announcements regarding new versions?

btw: really like the prog!



I do the same and It works
I use 7zip for rar
and you?

Hi, it's me again!
The cause lies elsewhere: dragging doesn't work at all when dragging FROM a network (mapped) drive! Even copying/moving doesn't work. That goes for both mouse buttons!
btw: browsing networkdrives with lots of files/directories can be laggy too.
TO>dragging FROM a network

Utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column
My suggestion is to include a utility to show FOLDER SIZE as a separate column as a quick way to identify where the HD space has been taken.

A window will open up and ask me if I want to copy, appened,
I drag and drop files from one place to another, a window will open up and ask me if I want to copy, appened, only older files, etc. Then, I get a window that shows the progress of the copying. However, with the vesrion on my wife's computer I don't get any of that. What I get is the standard windwos based displays instead. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

I personally hate the clicking sound
It seems like there is some kind of clicking sound that cannot be disabled. I personally hate the clicking sound , if there is an option for it that would be great.

For implementation I have a little suggestion. Click 'Date Modified' tab followed by 'Type' tab to arrange according to type (primary) and date (secondary). The last tab clicked becomes the primary condition,

Vista 64 compatable
If not, if I ran it from a Thumb drive would that work, do you know??

To have a tab for quick links to favorites (similar to Firefox).
Also, to be able to set keyboard shortcuts for specific favorites folders (similar to xplorer2).

I am so happy to find out a new version of Q-Dir today. :) Thanks for your great work!
I have an idea for Q-Dir. I used to use FindeXer from http://tomseffect.com/ frequently before switching to Q-Dir. And I still miss some of the features in FindeXer like able to quickly navigate to my favorite folders. Is there any way to incorporate the FindeXer panel into Q-Dir? Or even implement its features into Q-Dir?

Windows explorer shell.
I'm very pleased to use q-dir as a shell in my project Win7PE because it is the smallest, most reponsible and quickest. It would be very benefitial if it has own Startmenu, Taskbar+icon tray+date/time and desktop background image support. I would like to use it as main shell instead of Windows explorer shell.


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