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| 6th Sep 2008 |      


Hello, I am using Desktop OK 1.37 with Windows Vista x64. I tried to save desktop icons, but when I click to restore them after an update, they were all went to the left side of the screen. Is there any compatibility problem or something?
Thank you for any support
Currently no support for 64bit systems (DesktopOK) ! :(

Does it not ;( ??
Awesome program, but could use the ability to drag-n-drop files onto each other (such as a document onto an application)

I think Font Viewer is a great program exactly what I was looking
for except would it be possible to add the ability to remove fonts from view to narrow your choices to few for comparison? This feature was in another program I replaced with yours.

Hi. Small suggestion for a great software:
What about being able to access "My Network Places" as a folder as in Windows Explorer? Regards,

No click sounds when browsing folders
No click sounds when browsing folders .or the option to dissable sounds

Info Menu show something
When i disable start help view, and restart Meinplatz, the Info Menu show something of Q-Dir.

This works well on Win-XP. On the Win-2000 SP4 there are problems.
The program does not work. You can korrekt it? Thank you for the excellent program!

I would like to ask you to add Hebrew support
First of all I want to mark that this program is very useful and I distribute it amongst my friends.

Replaced every other file manager
I love your file manager Q-Dir, it's replaced every other file manager I have ever used, and it would be perfect if I could disable the click sound it makes on navigation


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