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to improve the functionality of this useful and nice file-manager I suggest to add three optional settings:

1- file-size in bytes, to have a more precise info

2- with the focus on a folder, filter that prevents, in the right-side panel of the file-list, the vision of the subfolders-list (already visible in the left-side tree-view), for greater clarity and simplification

3- column with file CRC-32 (like in “Winzip”) and/or MD5, to have a fast comparability of the content

I also suggest to add function “copy the full-path as text” from the file-list.

Besides it would be useful to be able to optionally add in toolbars keys of quick start for the programs to choice of the user (also with activation via drag-‘n-drop from the file-list)

Pc user
Thanks 4 suggestions!

I can not find my pictures that are on print photo wizard.
I want to view and delete some of them where would i find them I looked in my pictures folder/file and none are there?

About the auto-focus bit when mouse hovers other listview which I mentioned before.
This results from my explorer being set to web mode (single click runs program, hover selects) It is therefor not so a bug in Q-Dir. Apologies if I made this impression/mistake.

Definitely much better than MS-Explorer
My suggestions is on the rebar or the addres bar, to have the "cookie crumbs" feature, for example, having the full path be clickable, so one can click on any part of the path and go directly there.

In the principal window (top, left), there are no problem
When I use the buttons "back" and "next", but whith the other windows, these buttons are not working oftenly.

Your site is unusable because ads are blocking it.
I cannot even see what I am typing becuase large blocks of ads are obscuring the view.No matter what browser is used, IE or FF the ads make the site unusable.

An option to pass the current path view in a window to another window,
This way would make faster to work with windows in nearby paths. I was thinking in some kind of button in each window (near the quick-folder menu) that once click displays the other windows options to go. The programm is so great, really, thanks a lot. The only thing that I don't understand is the last option to set a theme.

Is it possible to set more than 4 windows with your program?
I need a tool to distribute emails into 6-10 explorer folders - so I would love to have 6-10 windows for dropping the emails directly into the appropriate folder.

After PowerDesk, FreeCommander and many other file managers
It is versatile and user friendly. And it is looking good. Fun to work with. A great help to fight chaos in an ever growing and complex file system. Recommended


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